Pashmina Hijaab

pashmina hijaab is probably the most recognisable name in the world in terms of trends and fashions of scarves. The pashmina hijaab has been around for many years but has only been recognised in the west in the last few years by the common man. From Nepal to China pashmina hijab is made everywhere. The pashmina hijaab in its original form is very costly and takes approximately a week to manufacture one pashmina hijaab by one person, however the pashmina we see in the market today is not even close to quality with the original pashmina hijaab. The original pashmina hijaab is super light and super duper warm. The pashmina hijaab is in the shape of a long hijaab and has tassles at then ends of the pashmina hijaab. The pashmina hijaab comes in various sizes and colour combinations. Most pashmina hijaab material is polyester and in some cases some silk is used but very little. Pashmina hijaab colours are usually in combinations of at least two colours and create designs that vastly vary from Arabian to Indian.

The pashmina hijaab has been more recognised around the world since pashmina hijaab has become a mainstream fashion and the pashmina hijaab is used with jeans to suits. The pashmina hijaab is now mass produced and so the original traditional pashmina hijaabs are near impossible to get hold of. Pashmina hijaab is worth a try.

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