Oblong / Long Hijab

Long Hijab

Long hijab is the most commonly used hijab in asia. The long hijab is basically a rectangular hijab. The long hijab is probably the most flexible hijab in terms of styling. The long hijab can folded and turned in different ways to for various hijab styles. The long hijab would be the best way to teach someone as to how a person should wear a hijab. The long hijab is available in various types of material from cotton to satin to silk. The long hijab can also be used as an under hijab where the long hijab is ties to the back of the head like a bandana and another long hijab is worn on top creating a combination of colours.

A long hijab is worn with abayas and jalabiyas where the rest of the body is covered with a different type of a dress and a long hijab on the top. A lot of working women wear long hijabs as the long hijab is not very wide usually. The long hijab is wrapped around the face and tucked on or attached with a hijab pin. The long hijab is probably one of the oldest type of hijabs of all times and can be recognised nearly everywhere in the world as a long hijab. It is also very useful to tie items if necessary after the hijab is worn out.

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  1. July Lopez says:

    My daughter’s teacher is very kind and generous. Our parents would like to thank her in a very personal and special manner by buying a hijab or scarf. Would this be proper? If so, what size would be appropriate, considering I plan to buy a scarf to be used as a hijab.

    Thank you kindly.

  2. admin says:

    Most sizes would do and it is ok to buy her a hijab as a gift. Please visit http://www.muslimbase.com

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